Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign for Point Betsie Lighthouse:  Help Sustain a Piece of History

To fulfill our mission to restore, preserve, and maintain this historic lighthouse, we have two urgent capital needs that must be funded:

  • Repairs to the our crumbling protective seawall barrier that dates from 1944
  • Major improvements to our access road and parking area; and

Before these problems cause irreparable harm to visitors, and the lighthouse itself, we must raise the funds and act!


The PBLH Capital Campaign launched in the summer of 2019 was intended to address twin repair needs:the crumbling circa 1944 Shoreline Protection System, and the road-end/beach access area.  The high-water level in Lake Michigan makes the SPS repairs ever-more urgent, and the road-end work targets safer pedestrian access and more parking.

The original rough estimate for the cost of repairs to the SPS was in the range of one million dollars, and the road-end work was expected to cost several hundred thousand.  Thanks to the generosity of many local donors, the 2019 Campaign generated roughly $1.3 million, so we thought we were well on our way to initiating both projects. However, depending on which of several options are chosen,the marine engineering studies returned cost projections as high as $6-9 million. It is now clear that substantially more funding will be required.  Next steps are:

1.) Complete the preliminary marine engineering studies
2.) Engage various Regulatory bodies
3.) Choose which of several repair options is optimal
4.) Solicit construction bids / choose construction firm
5.) FUND

We are extremely grateful to our many donors; yes, we will likely need to approach you again. However, because the scale of the project is larger than anticipated, we also recognize that this will need to be a public-private partnership, and are currently seeking as many governmental and granting entities to participate as possible. When the details of the plan are fully developed we will again return to fund-raising mode, and will need the participation of many. Given the expected impact of SPS construction, we intend delay the road-end work until after the SPS is finished.

Please help us to save our local and iconic treasure and give generously. Thank you!

Click here to see how the barrier has protected the lighthouse from the shifting dunes that surround it over the past 75 years.

But this protective seawall barrier has deteriorated over the years as you can see in this picture.


Click here to see the current condition of the road end.

Parking is limited, and visitors frequently get stuck in the deep sand on the shoulders of the road. This is hazardous and vehicles often need to be towed. To solve this problem, we have devleoped a plan to pave the road end that includes room for 33 parking spaces for cars and space for larger vehicles to both park and turn around safely. This is expected to cost $300,000, and that is why we are seeking your help through this capital campaign.

Click here to see the plan for the new road end.

So we are appealing to you to help us raise the $1 million or more it will take to save this beautiful and iconic property for future generations to enjoy.

We thank you for your generosity.

Click here. to read more, including:

  • A word from our president
  • The full Capital Campaign Brochure
  • Testimonials from Past Presidents
  • How the Planned Projects will be A Beacon for the Future; and
  • The Historical Significance of Point Betsie Lighthouse

There are Three Ways to Contribute:

To pay by check or money order:
Print and complete this Capital Campaign Contribution Form
Make check or money order payable to: The Friends of Point Betsie Lighthouse
Send the form and payment to: P.O. Box 601 Frankfort, MI 49635-0601

To contribute from your IRA or appreciated stock and get significant tax advantages please read this and contact us.

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