Wedding Basics

Wedding Basics at Point Betsie Lighthouse (PBL)
• Cancellation of reservationsthat is 60 days or less, prior to the event, will result in 100% forfeiture of fee.
Cancellation of reservations 61 or more days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of $200 plus 6%
tax. The balance will be refunded.
• Point Betsie Lighthouse (PBL) grounds and front porch are available, by pre-arrangement, for wedding
ceremonies with parties of 50 or fewer attending guests.
• To secure the date, for weddings/special events, users must compile and submit a signed contract with
full payment for wedding ceremonies/events of 50 or fewer guests.
• The charge to rent Point Betsie Lighthouse is $500 plus tax and is for a 2 hour time limit which may begin
no earlier that 5:30 p.m.
• A Bride’s Room is available for pre-wedding preparations, to keep your dress, or to store wedding party
personal belongings during the wedding.
• Early reservations should be made to avoid possible booking disappointments as summer and early fall
are very busy times at Point Betsie Lighthouse.
• If you have floral arrangements, musicians, soloists, and/or sound equipment, chairs, tables, or tents they
are to arrive and leave within the 2-hour time limit.
• If extra time is required we ask that you book this in advance and that you consider there will be an
additional charge at $250.00 per hour.
• There is absolutely no wedding coordination service or support, including no musical instrumentation,
sound equipment, flowers, alter, or other ceremony props available.
• PBL does provide one designated staff person who is available to facilitate some limited wedding support,
but staff will not be able to prepare or organize your event.
• There is no affiliated Point Betsie clergyman. Each couple must select their own clergy or public official
to perform the ceremony. If a rehearsal is desired, it must be scheduled at the time of booking the
ceremony date and additional charges for rehearsals do apply at a rate of $250 per hour.
• The earliest time for wedding party arrivals is 5:30 p.m.
• It is strongly encouraged that the wedding party designate someone to recognize your wedding party
members and guests upon arrival. The designated person should be prepared to monitor your invitees at
the gate. Point Betsie may provide a volunteer to help monitor the gate, and to insure privacy for your
event, but there is no guarantee that a volunteer will be available to provide this level of assistance.
• Each couple is responsible to remove flowers, wedding decorations, and other items immediately
following the ceremony. Point Betsie is unable to store items at the site.
• In the event of rain, the Fog Signal Building is available for use at no additional charge. Small weddings
of 12-15 can use the living room of the lighthouse in the event of rain, if needed.
• If you wish to rent the Fog Signal Building for your reception, or other related activities, the charge is an
additional $500 plus 6% tax. The time will be kept to a maximum of two hours. Every additional hour is
charged at $250 plus tax.
• All weddings and facility rentals are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.
• Wedding, picture taking, and clean up are all limited to the allotted 2-hour time period.
• Point Betsie’s Special Event Coordinator or a designated PBL staff member will meet with the engaged
couple at a time that is mutually acceptable to all. This time will allow for any additional reviewing of the
procedures, and considering of the facility for event set-up.
• Point Betsie Lighthouse and grounds is a 100% non-alcoholic public event facility.
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