Volunteer Calendar2

In the calendar below, green indicates that all volunteer positions for the day are filled. Yellow indicates some positions are filled and some are open. Red indicates no positions have been filled yet. Click on any of the colored boxes to sign up for that position/time slot.

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Tower Docent
Front Door
Tour Guide
SPS Guide
Gift Shop
Watering Plants

Position Descriptions

Tower Docent

The Tower Docent interacts with guests at the top of the tower and ensures the safekeeping of the lens and organized flow of visitors. The Tower Docent will point out areas of geographical and historical significance from the tower view. Guests often ask the Tower Docent to take photos of their group. The Tower Docent should be able to answer guest questions to the best of their ability and enhance the guest experience at Point Betsie Lighthouse. This is a seated position, but does require a trip up and down the tower stairs.

Front Door/Tower Stairs Docent

This Docent ensures the organized flow of guests for each tour. They will instruct guests to wait on the porch until their tour time as well as direct guests without tickets to Gift Shop to purchase. Guests will often ask this position for the location of restrooms. This Docent will also ring the bell at the base of the tower once a group’s time is up at the top of the tower. They will also supply guests with scavenger hunt and activity materials as well as answer guest questions. This position has limited movement required.

Tour Guide

This Docent will lead guided tours through the lighthouse. This position requires significant movement through the lighthouse as well as a deep knowledge of the history. A script outline is provided for the tour, but each guide is allowed to make the tour their own and respond to guest questions and points of interest on each tour.

SPS Exhibit Docent

This Docent will be in the Fog Signal Building and answer questions about the new SPS display and ongoing construction process. These Docents will be briefed with any new updates before their shift so that they have up to date information on the constantly evolving process. This Docent will be on hand to ensure that each guest gets an opportunity to participate with interactive displays and is made aware of how to donate to The Friends of Point Betsie Lighthouse. This position has limited movement required.

Storytime/Craft Hour Leader

This volunteer will read a lighthouse centered story to children and lead them in an activity. Suggested books and activities are provided, but we remain open to other ideas that the volunteer may have within reason. These activities should be coordinated at least 3 weeks in advance with the Executive Director. This position has limited movement required.

Gift Shop Clerk

This volunteer position assists the Boathouse Giftshop at Point Betsie Lighthouse with their daily operations. This could include guest interaction, retrieving items from the back room for guests, stocking low inventory, overseeing the cash register and transactions, and trips to the lighthouse basement and sheds to bring inventory to the boathouse. Seated positions are available.

Boathouse Exhibit Docent

This Docent is on hand to answer any questions in the Boathouse Exhibit. This Docent ensures that each guest has an opportunity to experience any interactive displays. This is a position with only limited movement required.


Various plants and planters on the grounds of Point Betsie Lighthouse need to be watered each morning. These volunteers will need to be able to navigate our grounds while carrying a provided water can that can weigh up to 15lbs due to limited water hose access.


Weeds tend to flourish at the lighthouse and require a weekly upkeep to keep our grounds looking their best. Garden tools and gloves are provided.