Season Volunteer2

1) We are signing up someone for the whole season. First either select the volunteer from the list or fill in his/her information.
2) Then review the dates that are open. You will need to delete any dates that he/she cannot work.
The job is:
The day of week is:
The shift is:

Are you in our list of Volunteers?:

Are you a new volunteer? Fill in the information below to sign up.

First Name:
Last Name:

No shift for this job on this day=10/1/2023
No shift for this job on this day=10/8/2023
No shift for this job on this day=10/15/2023

I will sign up this person for all the days in the followng list.
If you don't want to sign up for any of these dates, manually delete the line.
Please check a few of the dates to be sure the dates correspond to the correct day of the week.